Saturday, 26 July 2008

Handling ego/anger with Acceptance , Approval , Appreciations (AAA) Part-1

Handling ego/Anger with Acceptance , Approval , Appreciations (AAA)

Two of my good friend fall in love and got married

One day, I was asking my friends wife , who you handle my friend ( her husband ) because some time he seems to be very egoistic. She say simply by “acceptance” , acceptance is power. I oppose and said that mean you compromise too much and it look unfair. She just say no …….

She keeps explaining me, See ego is like hunger and everybody has ego (little or more). Until unless you don’t feed hunger s/he will not think any thing else. If you say your problem is that you thinking too much on stomach. It is no use. So feed hunger, once s/he satisfy , then tell what we think is right and what is wrong again make no demand just tell preferences. If you demand and keep thrashing,
it will increase his/her ego/hunger and make person more demanding. Once her/his hunger is satisfy, s/he ready to listen (that is important). In bottom of mind and heart every egoist person know what is right and what is wrong. It is his/her ego(=hunger ) that keep them away from wisdom/truth/understanding. Once his/her ego/hunger is satisfy, s/he able to concentrate on wisdom/truth and will behave more understanding way. Give person there space so he/she able to
analyze them self other wise s/he keep repeating.

Again if cup is full of tea and if you pore more tea , it will fell down. Same bubble of ego ( = wrong belief/image ) occupy all space in cup(= mind). Once ego / hunger is satisfy , bubble bust and there is enough space to occupy new thought / belief / wisdom / truth.

I oppose again and said , this way you will make person more demanding , every time his/her ego grow up. She Said use this formula AAA, ego will never grow up. AAA means

A – Acceptance
A – Approval
A – Appreciations

She future said gratitude is power. First Accept what you have , Approve what you have and appreciate what you have. End of the day stability in life and peace of mind is more important then any other things.
She further explain relation between belief system and ego. ………..
She is from Big metro city and her husband is from Small town … and how she handle belief system clash and culture differences clash …….. very peace fully ……..with AAA

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