Tuesday, 12 October 2010

14 Secrets Of Happy Couples

Sometimes the biggest problem that couples in our country face is the lack of communication. There is always a mind-block; a sense of embarrassment to share thoughts and feelings, especially once the physical intimacy sets in. But as this Shine.com story will tell you, the biggest secret to having a happy relationship is having a wholesome communication with your partner.

Take a look at some crucial steps to have a satisfying relationship as on HybridMom:

1. Communicate – not just about your feelings – but about your day. Share stories with one another about what is going on at work or in a friend’s life; share what you saw on the news or in a magazine with your significant other if you found it interesting. Discussing regular day to day occurrences is just as important as staying in tune with each others’ feelings. It keeps you in tune with your spouse on a daily basis.

2. Take showers together – it doesn’t have to be sexual! My husband and I have done this from the beginning of our relationship, did it start out sexual? Probably. But over time it became an intimate thing, just extra time that we can spend together catching up on the day – it just happens that we are naked and in the shower!

3. Go to the park and swing, slide or just play – it’s a young and fun thing to do. It keeps you playful and is a great way to relieve stress. Real life can get so with overwhelming with work, kids, bills, laundry, chores – sometimes a play break is what’s needed to alleviate all of that, even if it’s only for half an hour.

4. Take walks – morning walks are a great way to start your day, not a morning person? Take an evening walk. Getting fresh air and exercise together is good for your health and the health of your relationship. Walking relieves stress, keeps you fit and allows quality time to be spent together.

5. Date nights – put everything on hold for an hour or two and plan on just doing something alone with your spouse. It can be dinner, a walk, the mall, whatever, just make the time for just the two of you with no one else around, catch up on your day or week or just joke around and have fun. But making time for just the two of you is important.

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Another piece I was reading on Match.com offered similar advice. Here’s their most compelling point.

Habit #2: Fight fair

Believe it or not, learning to fight right is an important part of keeping chemistry alive. Why? Because if you are constantly cutting each other down, it’s hard to feel mutually amorous. “There is no such thing as a relationship without disagreements,” says David Wygant, author of Always Talk to Strangers. “But if there is an understanding that your partner can come to you with any dissension without being attacked, you will have an honest relationship comprised of ‘open discussions’ rather than ‘fights.’” Debra Tobias, who has been happily married for almost 10 years to her husband Steve, agrees. “Steve and I have learned to listen to each other when we’re upset and we admit when we’re wrong,” says Tobias. “We also make a rule of never, ever saying ‘I told you so’ no matter how much we might want to say it.” The result is that their chemistry doesn’t wane because they never let their arguments escalate to a personal level. Focus on the issue at hand instead of throwing verbal punches.

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