Friday, 20 June 2008

You, Your, Yourself: Make The Most Of It

You, Your, Yourself: Make The Most Of It

Cyrus Jehangir Sataravalla

Do you know who the most important person in the world is? Not the king of some distant enchanted land. Neither any person who wields power, position or wealth. It’s YOU.
No one thinks as much about you as you think of yourself. There is nobody quite so much interested, and it is not right that they should be. Each has his own object of admiration in himself.
Whatever you desire or deeply form an intent for, you can have, for in the development of your interior thought-forces your
desires will frame themselves within measurable size. With a correct understanding of your desires will come the requisite self-worth and self-realisation of your power to secure them.
Honour and riches and power might come to you uninvited, but
they would not serve you, and you will lose them again unless you are prepared to receive them and use them right.
Your first duty is to yourself. You do not perform for the world; you perform for an audience of one — yourself. Your communion, accord, and at-one-ment with ‘you’ is vital... For as it touches you, you touch all points in the universe. Be it a leaf tip in your vicinity or a heart in another continent. You cannot fail to raise the vibrations of your environment...
Whatever you do, do wholeheartedly... To become despondent about your lot in life is but to belittle yourself... To be determined on higher-minded and worthier pursuits, and ready and raring to work for better things, will bring its own reward... So realise your importance. Do your present work better than anybody at your age or experience has ever done it before... Higher duties will come, and as you tackle them in the same forward-seeing spirit, a further advancement will be inevitable.
The world is calling for persons
who think well of themselves, sufficiently well to dignify themselves by doing each task no matter how tiny, as though it were momentous.
Whatever is worth having is worth working for. Don’t fret and fume at the success of others. Use your time for your own ends; apply it to your immediate task, and be mindful of not leaking inner voltage by paying attention to the result...
Organise yourself. Think well of yourself. Work hard for yourself first before trying to reach all humankind. You are not just a VIP, but a MIPW, the most important
person in the world. Having conceived your purpose mentally, mark out a straight pathway to its achievement. When you make your allconsuming purpose the central theme of your life cycle you generate unsurpassed, unparalleled, power. After selecting a worthy goal, place all of your interior energy and resolve, your willpower, effort and everything you’ve got behind that single-minded cause.
To change circumstances, first start thinking differently. Do not passively accept unsatisfactory circumstances, even for a moment longer than required. By doing so you relegate and leak a massive life-changing dose of thoughtvoltage. The kind that makes the inconceivable, conceivable.
Hold your dearest goal-picture steadily; develop it in detail. Believe in it. Work and pursue it as a falcon hurtles headlong into the thermals slip-stream, gaining added super-velocity when after a pigeon. Above this seek divine aid and inspiration and You will actualise it in accord with the mental image in mind.
Water takes the shape of the pipe it flows through. Your life and success will get shaped in direct proportion to the thoughts you allow to flow through the meadowpasture, that is your mind...

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