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Strike A Balance To Achieve Harmony

Strike A Balance To Achieve Harmony
Discourse: Swami Sukhabodhananda

The quality of our lives depends more on what we are inside than outside. But how many of us really look within? We need to think right. Hence it is essential to look within and create an order therein.

We are programmed to believe that happiness is outside. We are products of such programming. It has been ingrained in us that joy and happiness are outside and the myth governs our lives.
The process of thinking involves flow of thoughts. Thoughts move outward in search of happiness, name, fame, money or power. Happiness however does not result from material affluence. It is a result of our attitude to life.

Happiness is a result of our being totally in the present. Enlightenment happens in the present. But our lives are always focused either on the past or future. Life is in the present. So be present in the present. Then a different ‘presence’ opens up. Whatever you are doing, be total in it. Bring in your totality of being in the ‘here and now’.

When you are looking at a flower, can you just look? If you look at it from thoughtfulness, thoughts interpret it as a good or bad flower. A thought compares it with something else. By this you don’t look, you superimpose. The discipline to look at something without thoughts is important. When you require using your thoughts, only then should you bring in a thought. Try this out.
When unnecessary thoughts pile up, they become pockets of energy. When negative thoughts pile up they seed negative attitude, enforcing negative thoughts. These in turn superimpose energy on the objects of thought, making them appear negative. The influences that are created in life, be they in a form of war, politics, violence, are the result of the influence of negative energy that either becomes real or superimposed.

When your immune system is weak you are prone to disease. Similarly, when your psychological immune system is weak you are prone to negative influences. A negative thought requires no effort. It comes from the lower mind that is mechanical. Noble thoughts have to come from the higher mind that is more conscious and magnetic.
A faulty attitude injures and harms us. We end up making wrong connections. And when we are not proceeding in the right direction, we suffer the consequences.

There is male energy in the female and female energy in the male. Since we are progenies of both genders, we have in us both male and female energies. They have to be in harmony for us to be able to function in a way that gives us the right direction.

When you create an external harmony, you create an internal harmony also. By loving a man outside, you love the male energy in you. When you hate a woman outside, a very important part of you, the internal female energy is also dwarfed and injured.

In everyone of us there is both a teacher and a student. Our centre is a teacher teaching us in the language of silence, in the language of purity. The student in us should learn to listen to the teaching. When we do injustice to an external teacher, we are doing injustice to a part of ourselves. By respecting both a student and a teacher outside, we respect something in us.
When there is right attitude, the wisest connection is made. For objective consciousness should include the subject, too.

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