Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Ultimate Happiness Prescription 7 Keys to Joy and Enlightenment Read more at Suite101: The Ultimate Happiness Prescription; A Review: Happiness G

The Seven Steps

The following is a basic description of Deepak Chopra’s 7 keys to happiness. Everyone is encouraged to take the vow of non-violence and explore the keys at

  • Being aware of your body initiates the key to happiness. Awareness lies deep inside interconnected with the mind and spirit. Intelligence, creativity and being powerful makes the body respond and begin to ground itself and sprout roots of happiness throughout the body.
  • True self-esteem stems from letting go of the idea of a self image and embracing the true self, where happiness lives independently and fearlessly.
  • Detoxifying all the contaminants that clog your life and your body, blocking happiness from entering and thriving inside your soul. For example anger, anxiety, toxic substances and relationships.
  • Giving up being right and integrating defenselessness, makes one take notice in the lessened desire to attack and make someone be wrong. Encompassing wholeness and profound peace.
  • Living in the present reminds us that every situation comes and goes, reminding us that nothing lasts forever and that everything changes. When the restless activity of the mind reminds us of who itthinks we are, we remind it that we represent now and forever, making us infinite.
  • Seeing the world in you allows the world to become connected with our true being. Being aware and mindful reminds us that love heals and connects us with the deepest level of consciousness.
  • Live for Enlightenment. When we begin to understand that enlightenment is the most natural state of being, you realize the time that has gone wasted living in the past. When you wake up to Enlightenment, freedom takes the drivers’ seat.

Let Go and Let God

Deepak Chopra has invited the world with an urgent call to unite and begin to understand that the world is one and we have a nature that calls that goes beyond all boundaries. Quoting and amply named band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain sang “all in all is all we are”. Once the people of the world understand that everything one person does, another person is also part of that action. The energy that happiness brings can change anyone under its dominant shadow to see the light. With that in mind, the reader begins to comprehend that in order for anything or anyone to change; it first begins with awareness of consciousness.

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