Friday, 27 August 2010

The Magic Word -- `Confidence'

I sit here and think about what it takes to make life tick. For one, I guess, confidence in one self and faith that all is going to be all right. I have often wondered, will not the world be a better place if people were more confident of themselves and they did not have to prove themselves to anyone? Confident enough to be happy, to be doing what they want to do instead of looking for approval all the time, confident enough to stand up for what they believe in, confident enough to enjoy life the way they want to, confident enough to walk the road less travelled and not wait for others.

The more I think of this attribute, the more I realise the need for it. I can actually visualise the world to be better place if people realised their potential to the fullest and decided to be the best that they could be.

Knowing that you are one of your kind and there is no one like out there, wow, that is a thought! And the potential that comes with it. Have you met someone like you? I have not met anyone like me and I have met a lot of people. We are all created differently on a physical level and that is just the beginning of the differences. More often than not, I feel the times I have faltered in life and trust me that is one long list, I have come to the conclusion those were the times, I lacked faith in my abilities and was filled with selfdoubt. The times when I have achieved something of value, unfortunately, that is not such a long list, (as yet), well I am optimistic, have been times when I was full of confidence and ready to take on the world. So here it is to confidence and a heavy dose of self worth. Let us just stop, look at the mirror and realise the greatest miracle is right there staring at us. I or you don't have to look beyond that for this is it. So let us go out there and try and remember I am the centre of the universe it all begins and ends with me and trust me it does. Have the confidence to know that and live life king-size.

HT DElhi

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