Monday, 11 January 2010

Who am I

... I am a qualified professional Life Coach and Stress Coach; I take immense pleasure from my work helping people who are in a phase in live and in circumstances where they do not have the resources to handle this phase and these circumstances.
I love helping people who are having a hard time, who have a major challenge in live, maybe who are in the middle of a crisis, a life crisis perhaps. I love helping this people, and assisting them to find the resources they need to go along another path, finding there course of life; and I enjoy being part of people achieving successes they thought were beyond them.
I love to assist others, to be a helper and a coach, helping them overcome obstacles to reach there dreams and goals.

In my deed as a helper, and in my own life as a human being, I am of the opinion that everything change; every crisis or challenge, every obstacle, has a solution, , it depends upon what we focus upon (that’s the reason why the door is in the logo); and when we are in trouble times we have the opportunity to learn something and become stronger.
I am of the opinion that the key of life is our thoughts, The Law of Attraction and Love, love from our heard, pure unconditional love (that’s the reason why The Ankh has the colour green (the colour of the heart chakra), and The Lotus flower with its twelve petals (also representing the heart chakra) is in the logo).
The hexagram in the logo can symbolise many different things, for me the two triangles are locked together in opposite directions and is showing a harmonious union of the feminine (anima) and the masculine (animus); and the reason why this is in the logo, is because I am of the opinion that we as human beings are made of both anima and animus and we have to get in contact with both to become a unified whole.

I have been studying people (including myself) :-) and behaviour (including my own) :-) a while now, and from my studying, reading, hearing, meditation etc. my conclusion is that it is the thoughts that do the trick. Everything comes from what you think of something or anything; behind/before any emotion is a thought, simple as that, this is a law. In every thought there is a judgment, an opinion, which leads to a verdict of this something or anything, which then leads to a condemnation or a glorification, an there you have your choice and The Law of Attraction, you have the choice of gratitude and appreciation and the positive thoughts and emotions!

I love doing this I am doing on this page, because I do believe that spreading gratitude and appreciation according to The Law of Attraction will bring joy and happiness, and also abundance and prosperity in every way to people all around the world, and this I am very grateful for and this I do appreciate very much having the possibility to do! Thank you very much for giving me this chance!

Best regards
Poul-Erik Juhl

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