Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Positive Thoughts for Self Empowerment

When you say you don't like abc ..... you set filter in mind and try to search same in all the instance.

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Positive Thoughts for Self Empowerment

I read the following article online and realized how true it is for most of us:

These days, normally everyone is aware of the power of positive thinking theoretically. However, when it comes to practically being positive in life, one finds it difficult to do so. Most of the times, even though we may be thinking of ourselves as a person of positive attitude, but we end up reinforcing negativity.
Let me give you an example of that. Once, I asked one of my friend, what kind of people she likes. She answered, “I don’t like hypocrites and liars”. I told her that I had asked her what kind of people she liked and not what kind of people she did not like. Obviously she became angry on this and banged the phone.
This set me thinking, how often we attract negativity in life and think of it as positive attitude. We try hard to push the negativity away, but still it shows up again and again. But actually we are not being positive. We are just trying to fight negativity, which not only turns out to be futile, but also has difficult consequence. Someone who says that she doesn’t like hypocrites and liars, is bound to end up with the kind of people she doesn’t like and will face difficulties because of that.
Why does this happen? Because universe always responds to whatever image is stored in our sub conscious. So when one has a strong image of hypocrites and liars, such people are eventually attracted and she end up being not liking them. Instead of this negative thinking, if she thought like “I like authentic and honest people”, then she is bound to attract such kind of people in her life.
I have heard people using negative statements very often. For example “I don’t want to hurt people” But I have experienced that such people often end up hurting others, even if they don’t want to. Instead of that, they should use the affirmative approach like “I care for people” or “I love people” .
Let us understand, we can’t fight with the absence. You can’t fight with the darkness, however powerful you may be. Why? Because darkness does not exist, it is simply the absence of light. You can not drive the darkness away, you can only switch on the light and darkness will run away on its own. Same way, one can’t fight with negativity. One can only cultivate positivity.
Using affirmative language can turn your life around. From now on, I invite you to watch yourself, when you use negative language and realize that your thoughts are centered to negativity. Be aware of your negative thoughts and discover the positivity you are longing for. The moment, you start to think, feel and speak positive, you would experience ecstatic energy arising from your within, which will attract joy and success. Thinking and speaking the affirmative language can turn out to be miraculous.

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